Our next step is to secure funding to realize a circular factory to make SeaWood Materials, ultimately to see happy customers and a happy planet!

BlueBlocks develops biomaterials from seaweed. Their main product is SeaWood, a building material made from brown seaweed. This 100% natural, compostable, and chemical-free sheet material can be used as a building material and for acoustic wall panels. BlueBlocks was founded by Marjanne Cuypers, a researcher and biodesigner with a focus on designing for zero waste systems. Marjanne about participating Circular Factory: “Our next step is to secure funding to realize a circular factory to make SeaWood Materials, ultimately to see happy customers and a happy planet. The program gave us more focus in the process of realizing our plans – a mindset set to the implementation phase of the innovation and building the necessary solid foundation. Besides valuable access to knowledge and networks, doing this together with five ambitious awesome circular producers, who shared similar worldviews to make things better, was a great experience.”



That is the amount the startups Bakkersgrondstof, Biophilica, BlueBlocks, Fairm, Magie Creations and Nature's Principles need to make a serious scale step. The young companies are participants in the Circular Factory programme, set up by Tekkoo, BlueCity and partners such as Invest NL and Renewi. The program supports startups that want to build a factory for their circular or biobased products. In this way, Circular Factory wants to contribute to the realization of twenty circular factories in the coming years.

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Circular Factory supporter Invest-NL about the future of circular startups in the manufacturing industry: “How can we use circular strategies to create a just and liveable society for all?”

Invest-NL is one of the supporters of the Circular Factory program. In this interview, Maud Hartstra and Guy de Sévaux discuss the importance of scaling up circular startups. “All kinds of developments are underway, which means that many more circular start-ups will be founded in the coming years. Circular Factory is designed for circular startups in the manufacturing industry that want to scale their production by building their first factory; and help them to make this factory circular. In addition to these startups, we also see on a larger scale a new focus of moving production closer to home. More and more manufacturing companies previously located in Asia and Eastern Europe are returning to Western Europe. With the Circular Factory program we want to point out to the entire value chain that making things circular and sustainable requires a different approach and mindset, but also changes in business models and new ways of financing. As far as Invest-NL is concerned, Circular Factory is coming at the right time.”

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