MaGie Creations

Construction of my factory will start next year and we will open in 2025. A dream come true!

MaGie Creations upcycles beer grain into an ingredient that can be used for food production: PowerFlour. Beer grain is a fiber and protein-rich barley fraction that remains after brewing beer. Madeleine Gielens is the founder of MaGie Creations. We just introduced a cereal bar and we expect to bring a cracker to market soon. We introduced the Brewlicious brand to make the consumer aware of the theme of beer grain, which is something new that doesn’t immediately resonate with most people. Madelein about participatin Circular Factory: “Before the end of this year, the financing of my factory will be completed, construction will start next year and we will open in 2025. A dream come true. The factory is built in a circular manner and is fossil-free. Circular Factory offers pragmatic support in the preparation of the scale-up phase. What I really liked is that they could think along from practical experience about how I could take the next steps needed to grow my business.”



Circular Factory presents six future circular captains of industry

In the transition to a circular economy, scaling up to a demo factory is not a sprint, but a marathon. All the more important to celebrate the milestones during the race. That's exactly what Thursday June 6 was all about: the participants of the second edition of the Circular Factory program celebrated a successful completion of this stage of their journey. Six diverse circular startups with a shared goal: opening a demo factory.

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Outlander Materials, Hollands Wol Collectief, Cano-ela, NoPalm Ingredients, Pakt Packaging and Pectcof; the six start-ups in the second edition of Circular Factory

The second edition of Circular Factory has started with six new startups that want to be prepared for building a demo factory. All six startups have real potential to provide circular alternatives on industrial scale and this is desperately needed. The coming nine months the Circular Factory programme guides the six startups through the challenging scaling phase from pilot to demo plant.

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