MaGie Creations

MaGie Creations upcycles beer grain into an ingredient that can be used for food production: PowerFlour.

Beer grain is a fiber and protein-rich barley fraction that remains after brewing beer. Madeleine Gielens is the founder of MaGie Creations. She has a background in business and art history, and always had an entrepreneurial interest. After founding two businesses, she wanted to make real impact with the third. Via her network in The Hague, she was asked to write a prototype circular business case for a brewery. The subject sparked her interest, especially the opportunities beer grain had to offer. This was the beginning of MaGie Creations, in 2020. “Currently, we are working with two propositions. One is our consumer-brand Brewlicious. We just introduced a cereal bar and we expect to bring a cracker to market in autumn. We introduced the Brewlicious brand to make the consumer aware of the theme of beer grain, which is something new that doesn’t immediately resonate with most people. Brewlicious products also help us gain experience with the processing of our ingredient, which works inherently different from other ingredients. And it shows that we can develop a market. But our biggest proposition is serving industrial parties in the confectionery industry with our PowerFlour. Here we can set up a proposition that adds value to all parties in the chain. So we are approaching industrial bakeries to develop banquet products such as pies, cakes and biscuits together.”

Questions and Challenges

“I decided to apply for Circular Factory because there are a lot of people and companies associated with the program that are of interest to me. I have had a lot of contact with PeelPioneers in the past. I find them very inspiring, and our business models are very similar. So I talked to Lindy Hensen a couple of times, and each time it was productive. Sabine Biesheuvel from BlueCity also earned her stripes. As a single founder, I don’t always have people to brainstorm with on a strategic level. So when I saw the people running Circular Factory, I knew: I have to be involved in this. It’s great to have people to brainstorm with and to turn to with questions and issues regarding the strategy of a circular startup. It’s incredibly valuable to gather people with interesting minds around you, who have experience with scaling up a circular startup. Because what we as circular startups do is quite complex. Which I like, because it keeps me fascinated. At the same time,this complexity means that you need to surround yourself with the right people to face your challenges. With Circular Factory, we are working on several of these challenges. The first one is a solid case strategy. Number two is the market development. How do you make sure you match the right partners? I’m specifically looking for parties in the banquet industry. And it would be great if we can join forces with a party that specializes in the production of meat substitutes or mixes ingredients for meat substitutes. Furthermore, we can always use contacts with new feedstock suppliers. Our partnerships with the feedstock suppliers and buyers of our ingredients are in the formalisation process. We want to use the experts of Circular Factory to help us with this. And we are looking for parties who can help us with the realization of our factory, in terms of engineering and financing. The decision regarding the location where we will physically build the factory is another where the support of Circular Factory’s experts comes in handy. Especially as the choice to build in The Netherlands is not necessarily the best one. So there are quite some strategic decisions to be made in the phase we are currently in with MaGie Creations, for which I want to take all the chances I get to talk to people with the right knowledge and expertise.”


The future

“In five years, we as MaGie Creations strive to build our second factory. But more importantly, I think it’s very important that circular startups increase their cooperation in order to create an environment in which we can all be more successful. Circular startups are doing something inherently new and act in a different way than non-circular startups. I see circular startups as a new phenomenon in the startup world, which do not conform to current conventions. Right now, it’s extremely difficult for circular startups to grow, whilst scaling up of circular startups is something that our society desperately needs. That is why I think it’s important that we take a leading role and start pioneering these new conventions. Together, we can create an environment in which circular startups can be more successful. By communicating about our current challenges and needs. And by honouring and helping each other more. Our cooperation will create a platform that allows more us to be successful. I hope to contribute to this development, so hopefully in five years, it will be easier for upcoming circular startups to grow.”



Circular Factory supporter Invest-NL about the future of circular startups in the manufacturing industry: “How can we use circular strategies to create a just and liveable society for all?”

Invest-NL is one of the supporters of the Circular Factory program. In this interview, Maud Hartstra and Guy de Sévaux discuss the importance of scaling up circular startups. “All kinds of developments are underway, which means that many more circular start-ups will be founded in the coming years. Circular Factory is designed for circular startups in the manufacturing industry that want to scale their production by building their first factory; and help them to make this factory circular. In addition to these startups, we also see on a larger scale a new focus of moving production closer to home. More and more manufacturing companies previously located in Asia and Eastern Europe are returning to Western Europe. With the Circular Factory program we want to point out to the entire value chain that making things circular and sustainable requires a different approach and mindset, but also changes in business models and new ways of financing. As far as Invest-NL is concerned, Circular Factory is coming at the right time.”

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From circular startup to circular startup with factory – recap Pitch & Plug Event 2022

On Tuesday 20 September, experts flocked to BlueCity to attend the first Pitch & Plug Event, part of the Circular Factory program by BlueCity and Tekkoo. The six participating startups pitched to the gathered crowd. This time not a shiny success story meant to sell their product, but a raw and real story about the key-issues that are currently holding them back from scaling up. Their vulnerability was rewarded with tailor-made advice. During this networking event, connections were made, feedback was given and plans were rewritten.

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