The ups and downs of Fairm’s Due Diligence days

Fairm is one of the participants of Circular Factory. In this honest and open reflection, Marc Postel who is, together with Joost Vette, cofounder of Fairm describes how they have experienced the first part of the program up to September.

The Due Diligence Days as the start of the program were quite intense. We used to have only 1,6 FTE. Going from there to committing to Circular Factory for five days (2FTE) within 4 weeks brought us both a lot of extra work on our plates. Not only concerning the time it takes, but the energy it takes in particular. This start of Circular Factory really makes you think about your startup. Which is great, but it means there is less headspace available for other things. Before the program we already were in quite a turbulent period with Fairm. We felt the need to gain control and an overview. Going through all facets of your company at high speed with inspiring, in-depth sessions during the Due Diligence Days, sometimes felt like we had to really pull it all out of ourselves. In that sense it’s nice that we had a resting period in the program after the Due Diligence Days to put things in order. It’s great that the program now lays the foundation for the next 9 months. This matches our needs very well.


Perhaps what is mentioned above does not sound very positive, but that is just the capricious nature of entrepreneurial life. So far we have had a very positive experience with the Circular Factory program. From time to time, it really felt like a warm bath. Finally, people who understand what difficulties we encounter during our work. Experts who open your eyes to things you’ve been stuck on for a long time. A super diverse but thoroughly motivated group of participants who all aspire make a difference. And because we are all entrepreneurs ready for a next step in our businesses, we understand each other faster and better. That works pleasantly and is contagious.


Until now, we have mainly worked on a kind of preparation. That may sound like nothing has happened, but that’s anything but true. Compare it to the construction of a complex building. Sometimes years of design and planning precede before the first pole goes into the ground. During the Due Diligence Days, we have gone through all the work we have already done with Fairm, based on 4 themes. That gave a clear idea of ​​in what areas we have come a long way, in what areas we didn’t and mainly of what still needs to be done before the factory can actually be realized. We are now further developing these structured insights into a concrete action plan for the coming year. We look at this as the foundation for the upcoming period. That approach forces us to make things explicit and to separate truths and assumptions. It confronts you with what you don’t know and makes you a lot more coachable as a startup. In addition to helping us as a company to implement it effectively, the plan helps to get the most out of the Circular Factory program. I am very much looking forward to it.”


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